Martin City Brewing Company


This is an exciting time for Martin City Brewing Company as they hit the market. They are focusing thei efforts on consistent, quality beer while pushing the limits within their barrel program.

The MCBC concept began over lunch at a local restaurant in Martin City. Matt began lunch with a simple statement to Chance, “We can buy this building down the street. I want to do something special with it. Let’s build a microbrewery.” Chance’s response was a quick and plain “Done.”

With a love for beer and home-brewing, the two friends, ‘unbeknown to their wives,’ began the process of opening a microbrewery. Each planning session began with a beer and ended with a beer. Motivation from the wives (Kara and Amanda) prompted the start of renovation the fall of 2010. The Moore and Adams families began their journey into the restaurant business.

The process was facilitated with the help of countless friends and family. Matt Murdick offered his skills as a plumber, chef and beer aficionado. Amanda and Kara supplied capital, project direction and support. After a long process of renovation and paper shuffling, Martin City Brewing Company opened as a brewpub on June 3rd, 2011.